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If you think making money online was lucrative, making money in the mobile arena will blow that away!  As of this date which is the end of 2012, the average person spends less than 2 hours on their computer per day and only opens 30% of their emails.  Whereas, within any 24 hour period, that same person never lets lets their cell phone more than 3 feet away from them in any 24 hour period and checks their text messages (also know as SMS) 100% of the time within 5 minutes!  Now how is that for an Opportunity.  But how do you capitalize on this???  Here are 2 ways where you can get started

Combining Text Messages with Affiliate Marketing -

You can set up campaigns where you text (SMS) people Affiliate Links, Click to Call Campaigns, CPIC Campaigns, Lead Generation Campaigns, etc….You just need to know how to target market these your lists for optimum results.  We will show you how to extract cell phone numbers or buy a targeted list, then market affiliate products to your list.  These are a few campaigns  I ran in 2011;

-Bought a list of Cell Phone Numbers and texted them an Affiliate Link for Ring Tones.  Every Download was worth $8 to me.

-Bought a list of Cell Phone Numbers and texted them an Affiliate Link for Mobile Applications.  Every Download was worth $10 to me

-Extracted 92,000 Renters from a Real Estate Website and texted them My Credit Repair Affiliate Phone Number.  Every Sale was worth $75 to me

-Bought EDU Data and texted them an offer to go back to College for Free.  Every CPIC call to the College that lasted more than 60 seconds made me $9.50.

-Around the Holiday Season, I texted a Best Buy Gift Card offer to 20,000 people where all they had to do is enter their email address and I made $1 per Email.

We have a complete turn key system where we get you all the necessary products and services

-The Lead Extraction Software
-The Targeted List Management Companies
-The Text Messaging Services for the Text Blasts and the Auto text responses
-The Mobile Affiliate Networks with all the products

Please fill out the form below and check the Box for “Text Messaging combined with Affiliate Marketing” and we will get you started within 24 hours

Call this number for more details 641-715-3900 extension 315466 #

A Text Message MLM -

We have an absolute turnkey system that allows you to do the following;

-Join our MLM Text Message Campaign
-Learn how to buy a List of 10,000 Subscribers for $20
-Learn how to send them a text message with our Texting Software with a Phone Number for them to call
-Learn how to record a Voice Mail that instructs them to text “now” to a designated text number
-Learn how to set up an auto response text message that instructs them to fill out 2 offers
-Learn how to make $6 daily from offer #1, $20 weekly from offer number 2 and $1 per month that pays 5 levels deep from the Website offer which is part of offer #2

Look at this EXAMPLE (yes, EXAMPLE)

Send out 10,000 text messages and get 50 responses and 20 sign ups….that would earn you $120 paid daily, $400 paid weekly and $20 per month from those 20 sign ups. If 5 of those 20 get started on their 1st day (your 2nd day) and send out 10,000 text messages and get 20 sign ups you would earn $100 (5 reps x 20 sign ups = 100 sign ups x $1) on your second level. If 20 of those 100 on their 1st day (your 3rd day) send out 10,000 text messages and get 20 sign ups then that’s $400 (20 reps x 20 sign ups = 400 x $1) on your 3rd level. Go out 2 more levels and you are at $2000 per month in residual income in just 5 days! AND THAT’S IF YOU QUIT! Imagine doing this everyday instead of just once. In this EXAMPLE, you’d earn well into the 6 figures annually in your First Year!

Fill out the information below and Check the Box “Text Message MLM” and we will get you started sending text messages within 1 hour of your sign up…BEST OF ALL, IT’S FREE TO JOIN!

Call this number for more details 616-965-2841

Fill out this form and pick one or both of the opportunities

 Enter your information below and pick which program you want (or both)

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