The Text Message MLM

A Text Message MLM -

We have an absolute turnkey system that allows you to do the following;

-Join our MLM Text Message Campaign
-Learn how to buy a List of 10,000 Subscribers for $20
-Learn how to send them a text message with our Texting Software with a Phone Number for them to call
-Learn how to record a Voice Mail that instructs them to text “now” to a designated text number
-Learn how to set up an auto response text message that instructs them to fill out 2 offers
-Learn how to make $6 daily from offer #1, $20 weekly from offer number 2 and $1 per month that pays 5 levels deep from the Website offer which is part of offer #2

Look at this EXAMPLE (yes, EXAMPLE)

Send out 10,000 text messages and get 50 responses and 20 sign ups….that would earn you $120 paid daily, $400 paid weekly and $20 per month from those 20 sign ups. If 5 of those 20 get started on their 1st day (your 2nd day) and send out 10,000 text messages and get 20 sign ups you would earn $100 (5 reps x 20 sign ups = 100 sign ups x $1) on your second level. If 20 of those 100 on their 1st day (your 3rd day) send out 10,000 text messages and get 20 sign ups then that’s $400 (20 reps x 20 sign ups = 400 x $1) on your 3rd level. Go out 2 more levels and you are at $2000 per month in residual income in just 5 days! AND THAT’S IF YOU QUIT! Imagine doing this everyday instead of just once. In this EXAMPLE, you’d earn well into the 6 figures annually in your First Year!

Fill out the information below and Check the Box “Text Message MLM” and we will get you started sending text messages within 1 hour of your sign up…BEST OF ALL, IT’S FREE TO JOIN!

Call this number for more details 616-965-2841

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